The Pancake Prediction Run Race History and Explanation

The Ark is known for 2 things: Trail Racing and Maple Syrup (okay, I guess it’s also known for snowshoe racing, weddings, outdoor education, corporate team building. off grid living, alpacas, horses, Monique’s chili, my brownies, Xtreme cowboy….)

But in the spring it’s primarily known for Maple Syrup. So I started thinking…. (and this is always bad)…… Many of my friends LOVE maple syrup and they love running, so why not combine the two?!?!

And a new race is born!

On April 5, 2014 we hosted the first ever 8k Gravel Road Prediction Run. This year's race is scheduled for April 8th, 2017 at 10am.

For those of you who haven’t raced a “Prediction Run”, the winners are not defined by who finishes the race first, second and third but rather by who finishes the race in the closest to that which they predicted. It goes like this:

You arrive at The Ark for Registration at 9am. You tell me that you want to run the 8k race and expect to finish in a time of 42:30. You also brought your mom with you and she wants to race the 8k as well. She tells me that she is going to finish in 1:25:00.

The race begins at 10am and none of the racers are wearing a watch. You finish in a time of 54 minutes because you failed to take the soft gravel road and 700′ of elevation change into consideration! So you were off your predicted finish time by 11:30.

Your mom however found running on gravel much less impacting and finished in a time of 1:24:30. She was only off her prediction by 30 seconds!

So despite you finishing 30 minutes ahead of your mom, she wins and you lose! Ha Ha!

But it doesn’t matter because you both get to finish the event over pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, maple syrup and orange juice and coffee!

Race Particulars

There will be no race day registration for this event. Online registration only, $60 includes the race and breakfast.

This event will be limited to a total of 50 racers.

Friends and family are welcome to attend, but there is a $15 Pancake Breakfast fee that must also be purchased in advance online.